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Why These 2018 Films Bombed At The Box Office

Avatar Kádas István | január 14, 2019

We think we know why these 2018 films bombed at the box office. There isn’t one answer that fits into a nice, neat, box here – different movies bomb for different reasons. This year probably wasn’t much different from other years, but for some reason 2018 saw some blockbuster films fail.

Star Wars fatigue. Bet you’ve heard that one before, right? We heard it as early as The Last Jedi, but the Star Wars excuses really ramped up when Solo: A Star Wars story came and went with a thud. Solo was the first Star Wars box office bomb – losing at least $50 million. But ask yourself this: With all the director problems and casting rumors, did anyone think Solo would succeed? And who wanted a Solo… um solo movie? This one never had a chance.

Other movies seemed like great ideas, but floundered the opportunity. Winchester – based on the real life Winchester house, seemed like a wonderful opportunity to build a horror franchise, and even starred Dame Helen Mirren as Sarah Winchester. Instead, we got a clunky script, a bunch of jump scares, and a story more confusing than the house it’s actually based on.

There’s no real formula to making a box office bomb; Hotel Artemis and Skyscraper seemed like good ideas but failed. A Wrinkle In Time and The Happytime Murders seemed like bad ideas and failed. Ultimately, there’s no winning formula to movie making – all these films failed in their own, special way.

Solo: A Star Wars Story | 0:14
Skyscraper | 0:53
Gotti | 1:38
Alpha | 2:14
The Happytime Murders | 2:48
The Predator | 3:27
A Wrinkle in Time | 4:02
Action Point | 4:41
The Hurricane Heist | 5:23
Winchester | 6:14
Hotel Artemis | 6:55
Annihilation | 7:44
Life Itself | 8:38
Robin Hood | 9:24


Written by Kádas István

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