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What You Need To Know Before Seeing Aquaman

Avatar Kádas István | január 17, 2019

Is there anything more to Aquaman than just a guy who talks to fish? Turns out that not every internet meme is accurate, and Aquaman is certainly every bit of the super hero he is in comics and in the DCEU. Aquaman hits theaters in December 2018, alongside Mera, and he is set to take on Black Manta, Ocean Master (his half brother Orm) and probably a bunch of scary sea creatures.

But who is Aquaman exactly? This Arthur Curry is certainly a lot different from the one that debuted in More Fun Comics back in the 1940s. James Wan has modernized Aquaman quite a bit – as we’ve already seen in Justice League – so a lot of the tropes from his early days won’t be around. Thankfully, Topo, Aquaman’s pet octopus, will, however. The Aquaman we saw in Justice League had a bit of a surfer vibe, and sort of a smartalack, which is different from the wise sage feeling we get from his comic days. Will the movie Aquaman go more toward the original style or stay with the Justice League “My man!” Aquaman? There’s a lot to unpack with Aquaman, set aside the Aquaman Family Guy or Adult Swim Aquaman you know – this will give you everything you need to know as you prepare for the Aquaman movie.

Aqua origins | 0:17
Original appearance | 0:59
Comic factor | 1:20
Who is Atlanna? | 1:44
How powerful will Mera be? | 2:31
Who is Orm? | 3:17
Who is Black Manta? | 4:10
Will Aquaman talk to fish? | 4:45


Written by Kádas István

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