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What Movies Really Look Like Before Special Effects

Avatar Kádas Kádas-Csernai | január 27, 2019

Now you probably already know that many movies today use visual effects to enhance and sometimes even ruin our cinematic experience, however you probably didn’t realize just how often these effects are used in modern day movies. Today’s graphic design is at such a high level that it’s almost impossible to distinguish between what’s CGI from an actual real life scene! Here are a couple of amazing movies before and after special effects were added in!

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San Andreas

Batman V Superman – Dawn of Justice

Jurassic World

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It’s no secret that Hollywood cinematic magic is only possible due to a wide variety of special effects and CGI! So here’s a couple of great movies that look nothing like you’d expect before special effects!


Written by Kádas Kádas-Csernai

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