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Trilogies Ruined By One Movie

Avatar Kádas István | december 18, 2018

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Truly great film trilogies are few and far between. Sure, there are standouts like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. But besides those, an unblemished trilogy is a shockingly rare thing. Plenty of franchises go straight downhill after the opening chapter. What’s even worse, though, is a trilogy that’s held back from perfection by a single entry. It’s maddening for fans of the story being told, and more often than not, it denies fans the story structure or resolution they desire. With all that in mind, here’s a look at some memorable trilogies ruined by one movie…

Spider-Man | 0:29
Blade | 1:32
Iron Man | 2:23
X-Men | 3:13
Men in Black | 4:19
Thor | 5:30
The Ocean Trilogy | 6:34
The Matrix | 7:28

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Written by Kádas István

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