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The 5 Best And 5 Worst Comedy Remakes

Avatar Kádas István | január 12, 2019

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While we’d all prefer to see the film industry take more chances, they’re content to keep remaking movies until we stop paying to see them. They can be hit or miss, but they aren’t all bad; with that in mind, here are our picks for the five best and five worst comedy movie remakes…

Best – Ocean’s Eleven | 0:19
Worst – The Pink Panther | 1:02
Best – You’ve Got Mail | 1:39
Worst – Bad News Bears | 2:14
Best – The Birdcage | 2:53
Worst – Overboard | 3:36
Best – Welcome To Collinwood | 4:19
Worst – Mr. Deeds | 4:57
Best – True Grit | 5:33
Worst – Arthur | 6:19

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Written by Kádas István

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