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Surprisingly Dark TV Sitcom Finales

Avatar Kádas István | december 31, 2018

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More often than not, beloved sitcoms finish out with a finale that fits into one of a few established archetypes. For example: the “will they or won’t they couple” finally gets together; one or more of the main characters move away; somebody gets married; somebody has a baby; et cetera. In other words, major life events wrap up the show with an eye to the future and tears in the viewers’ eyes. But not all big sitcom finales end in such an emotional, chapter-closing fashion. TV history boasts some exceptions to the rule, shows that bravely and boldly went against the norm by going dark. Here are some of the most surprisingly twisted final TV comedy episodes of all time…

Seinfeld | 0:37
How I Met Your Mother | 1:33
Dinosaurs | 2:20
ALF | 3:20
M*A*S*H | 4:12
The Mary Tyler Moore Show | 5:15

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