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SKetch She Video Bombed My vlog!

Avatar Kádas István | január 2, 2019

Almost every summer i leave my work for a month and take the next flight. This time i went to Melbourne for a week after i was done with my Youtube Party in sydney and i was going through a very tough time. I was very depressed atm. Probably took the best decision of my life.
Hiking, 5 movies in cinema halls, laser tag, long drive, beach side chill, water fall chill, back to back clubbing, Rafeed getting fines, Late night food, roaming around the city , shopping, Snack packs every morning, truth and dare, on and on and on. This 7 day trip was in deed the best. I thought id share few parts of it with you guys that i was able to record.


Written by Kádas István

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