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Simon Pegg's Insane Body Transformation For A Role

Avatar Kádas István | március 14, 2019

You might not recognize British actor and comedian Simon Pegg these days. Apparently, he’s been hitting the gym hard the last several months in preparation for his role in the upcoming indie drama Inheritance — and he recently revealed a dramatic new change to his appearance. Here’s how he pulled it off.

According to Pegg’s trainer, the process of getting him in shape for his new film took six months. Consistency is key when it comes to reaching fitness goals, and although to fans it might seem like Pegg’s transformation happened overnight, the change actually took day after day of putting in the work and doing the small things right.

Pegg’s strong fitness base certainly helped, too. Pegg has been working with trainer Nick Lower for several years, so when he started his Inheritance workout program, his body was prepared. He had a good strength base built up, he was used to disciplining himself, and he was familiar with the process of working with a trainer toward an end goal. That helped him reach his current level of fitness after six months of work.

Part of Pegg’s training program was running 37 miles on the trails every week. Running is a good way to lose weight and get healthy, but trail running might be even better — according to the website Core Running, it’s a good functional workout because the uneven terrain improves your balance. In other words, just going for a jog on flat ground will tone your leg muscles and improve your cardiovascular health, but it might not get you in shape for other activities.

Trail running can help you and your body be ready for anything maybe even doing stunts on a film set. And if muscle definition is your main goal, trail running doesn’t exclude that either: Running downhill puts four to five times your body weight on your legs, so it increases your strength by leaps and bounds. Thanks to his weekly trail runs, not only do Pegg’s muscles look good now, but he’s also probably fast, agile, and ready for action. Keep watching the video to see Simon Pegg’s insane body transformation for a role in a forthcoming movie!

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Written by Kádas István

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