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Science Still Can't Explain What's Happening Here…

Avatar Kádas Kádas-Csernai | március 7, 2019

There are still some places on Planet Earth that defy explanation, logic and experiments, and while we’re not saying these are proof that aliens exist, we’re still amazed by them. Despite all we know and how far we’ve traveled, there are still tiny pockets of our planet that baffle the experts. From mysterious desert circles and glowing lights to a petrified wasteland, we’ll visit them all. But before we crack into our list of places that science can’t explain, make sure you’re subscribed so you can keep up to date with our latest videos.

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Here are Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist:
The Ringing Rocks
The Humming Town
The Fairy Circles of Namibia
Color Changing Lake
The Endless Storm

Bizarre places on earth you wont believe actually exist! Featuring some of the most mysterious and scientifically impossible places on earth.



Written by Kádas Kádas-Csernai

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