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Scenes That Were Wisely Deleted From The Movie

Avatar Kádas István | január 6, 2019

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Most film productions shoot far more footage than we ever see, and the stuff we do get to see on the big screen is usually there for a pretty good reason. But when the final edits are made, some deleted scenes are sorely missed from the movies they were cut from. They might add extra layers to the characters and their stories, provide humorous breaks in dramatic action, or even give the audience a fascinating new perspective of the plot itself. But these are not those scenes. No, these cinematic mistakes were better off left on the cutting room floor…

A dark turn | 0:28
Ant-Man wins big | 1:06
Hadley’s lost hope | 1:44
Judgment revoked | 2:48
A Grievous error | 3:46
Not quite getting out | 4:31
Clerks’ last shot | 5:19

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Written by Kádas István

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