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Posters That Ruined The Full Movie

Avatar Kádas István | január 5, 2019

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Posters are often the first way to get moviegoers excited for the next big release. The trick for a studio’s marketing team is to tease something cool about their upcoming movies without giving away too much. Considering that a poster is just one picture, you would think that wouldn’t be too difficult. But sometimes designers get a little too excited and present an image that somehow manages to reveal way too much. Maybe they thought audiences wouldn’t notice or wouldn’t care, but they can’t deny that these posters ruined the entire movie. In case the title of this video didn’t tip you off, warning, massive movie spoilers ahead…

Prometheus | 0:33
Split | 1:11
Avengers: Infinity War | 2:18
Deadpool 2 | 3:02
Carrie | 3:44

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Written by Kádas István

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