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Must-Watch Sci-Fi Movies With Bad Rotten Tomatoes Scores

Avatar Kádas István | december 26, 2018

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Rotten Tomatoes aggregates movie reviews and uses them to give every movie a percentage rating indicating their agreed-upon quality. But just because something has a low rating on Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch it. This is especially true for genres like science fiction, which tend to get reviewed especially harshly. So we’ve put together a list of sci-fi movies that are rated quite low on Rotten Tomatoes, but are still worth watching. Some of them are good but misunderstood, and some of them are bad but interesting. Either way, don’t let the critics dissuade you from giving these movies a look…

Speed Racer | 0:30
Last Action Hero | 1:26
Jupiter Ascending | 2:25
Event Horizon | 3:21
Masters of the Universe | 4:17
Howard the Duck | 5:17

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Written by Kádas István

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