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METALWINGS – Second Chance

Avatar Kádas István | január 15, 2019

Live at Joy Station on 31.01.2015, Sofia
Guest musician: Petar Milanov (drums)

Music by Stela Atanasova
Lyrics by Stela Atanasova

This is a gothic love story
about a gorgeous princess Alvira.
She was under a spell of the dark angel, wicked griffon.
Most brilliant diamonds weren’t splinters of stars,
She felt they were the sad tears of God!

Darkness and Light.
Goodness and Evil in life.
So many times.
There is always a second chance!
Sometimes love is a painful ballet pirouette,
We can feel satin.
There is always a second chance!

Gentle princess had fallen deeply in love
with the strongest prince near her crystal soul.
Most lovely flowers were covered with snow
She lost faith in life and spirit guides.

Cruel supernatural world is now.
But there is always a way for light.


Written by Kádas István

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