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METALWINGS – Realm of Dreams

Avatar Kádas István | január 18, 2019

Live at Joy Station on 31.01.2015, Sofia
Guest musicians of the concert: Hristo Ivanov from Amayah (vocals) and Jordan Genchev from DreamWild (guitars)

Lyrics by Stela Atanasova

When youʼre near
Feel your madness
and I see your fear.
All of my dreams
inside the whisper,
silent tears.
Lost time in my mind.
Itʼs all the same to me,
my eyes are blind to see.
Losing hope every day.
Be my guidin light,
keep the sun from night.

This is land of dreams that no one
can take away from me.
I could be myself.
This is world of miracles.
Just follow me.
This is never ending story
for the past of queens and fairy knights.
Lead away my eyes wrapped in flames.
This is Realm of Dreams.

When youʼre near
Feel the silence
and leave your fear.
Keep yourself.
I give you my world
untill the end.
Take my hand.
We will stand.
For the rest of time
to keep the light behind.
My heart is field of pain.
I have lost my faight.
Do you feel the same.


Written by Kádas István

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