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How Danny Trejo Went From Prison Inmate To Action Star

Avatar Kádas István | január 18, 2019

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Danny Trejo’s rise to fame had quite a few twists and turns along the way. Years before he took up acting, he was actually a violent criminal who’d spent time in multiple prisons. So how was he able to turn his life around so drastically?

Growing up a criminal | 0:13
Life in prison | 0:50
Turning his life around | 1:29
Making ends meet | 2:40
The big break | 3:15
Impressive acting career | 4:25
Working with Robert Rodriguez | 5:25
Trejo the restaurateur | 6:34
Protector of pets | 7:27
Strong opinions on stunt work | 8:07
Making a difference | 8:41
Video games and music videos | 9:29

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Written by Kádas István

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