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Are these iPhone lenses BETTER than a DSLR?

Avatar Kádas Kádas-Csernai | január 5, 2019

Comparing the Moment iPhone lenses to a DSLR (for video).
My latest video:

If you want check out these lenses:
Moment wide lens:
Moment superfish:
Moment iPhone case:

DSLR I use:

I’ve seen a lot of hype around these Moment iPhone lenses and wanted to test them out for myself. They definitley can enhance your iPhone and are great for bloggers/instagrammers. I probably wouldn’t use them for YouTube, because the iPhone interface is pretty annoying to change settings. My favorite Moment lens was definitley the wide angle lens- it’s most similar to how I want my YouTube videos to look so I’d reccommend that if you are interested in purchasing one for video. Which lens did you think was the best? Comment down below if you’re still reading and I’ll reply to your comment!

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