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All The Walking Dead Season 9 Rumors And Spoilers Leaked So Far

Avatar Kádas István | január 1, 2019

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Big changes are in store for fans of The Walking Dead. In season 9, the series will lose stars Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan, and a new showrunner steps in to take the story to new places. Do these alterations bode well for the AMC series? No one knows yet, but a slew of theories and rumors have hinted at where The Walking Dead will go next. Let’s unpack the details…

Two brothers fighting | 0:20
A second time jump | 0:49
New loves | 1:17
Father Gabriel’s second sight | 2:18
A new leader | 2:45
A new bat, man | 3:59
A dead deputy returns | 4:38
Frenemies | 5:12
Maggie’s happy ending? | 5:51
Unfriendly new faces | 6:18
The helicopter | 7:02

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