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5 Ways To INSTANTLY Make Better Videos

Avatar Kádas Kádas-Csernai | december 3, 2018

5 Ways to make better YouTube videos
Epidemic Sound:

Latest video:

In this video I share with you guys 5 ways to make better videos that are pretty easy to do. The first is to use a microphone. Audio is just as important as video- if your audio sounds bad, people will be less likely to continue watching.
Here’s the microphone I use for pretty much all of my videos:

Along with audio is background music. Not only do you want to make sure you have background music that matches, but it’s really important to make the levels correct! It’s better to lean on the side of the music being a little too quiet then a little too loud. The best place to get affordable music that’s royalty free for your YouTube channel is Epidemic Sound –
They have a subscription specifically for YouTubers that is only $15 a month! This is a much cheaper option than other royalty free music websites out there, and they have plenty of songs to choose from to match your video.

SOCIAL NETWORKS & Other Channels!
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What I Use to Take Photos & Videos:
My go to lens:
The camera this video was shot on:
(Canon 5D Mark IV)

Less expensive camera I would recommend:

EVEN LESS expensive:

Cheapest option I would even consider:
If you get that one though, buy the BODY ONLY (the kit lens is trash). I’d consider this lens:

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