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4 Best And 4 Worst Things About Captain Marvel

Avatar Kádas István | március 15, 2019

After months of eager anticipation, Captain Marvel is finally upon us. And so far, both critics and fans think it’s pretty darn okay. But that doesn’t mean it’s all perfect. Here’s a look at the four best and four worst things about Captain Marvel.

The film is called Captain Marvel, which obviously means there was very little chance of it working without the right talent in the title role. Brie Larson had to not only be the first woman to be the sole lead in a Marvel Studios film, but she also had to play a character who’s so beloved by comics fans that the collective fandom has their own name : the Carol Corps. And she had to do it all without the benefit of having been introduced as a supporting character first.

Even with all that on her shoulders, Larson knocked it out of the park. Her Carol Danvers is capable, hilarious, empathetic, strong, vulnerable, and intimidating all at once, an acting challenge made all the more difficult by the script’s demand that she not even truly know who she is for most of the film. Larson was already an Oscar-winning star when she was cast in this role, but now she’s headed for superstardom because she nailed this part.

The films of Marvel Studios have taken plenty of flack in the past for the way they look and feel, as fans and critics have noticed a similar generic style that seems to cross between films regardless of who is directing it. Sure, there are some outliers like Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: Ragnarok, but many Marvel movies share a certain murky, dull cinematography, as well as some standard fight choreography and unfortunately, Captain Marvel is no exception.

This is especially evident during the early fight scene on Torfa, where the Kree StarForce is ambushed by Skrulls. Even action sequences like the train chase on Earth feel paint-by-numbers. It’s just too formulaic to be interesting anymore.

On the other hand, Captain Marvel definitely shone when it broke out of the standard Marvel box. Case in point: the memory probe sequence, which features alien Skrulls flipping back and forth through Carol’s memories like DJs scratching a record, all while providing snarky commentary. It was so odd and entertaining that you barely noticed the fact it also was serving up massive amounts of key exposition about both Carol Danvers and the film’s plot. Now that’s how it’s done! Keep watching the video to see the rest of the 4 best and 4 worst things about Captain Marvel!

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Best: Brie Larson | 0:15
Worst: Marvel paint-by-numbers | 1:02
Best: The memory probe sequence | 1:40
Worst: A murky timeline | 2:05
Best: Buddy cop Nick Fury | 2:41
Worst: Hit with the theme hammer | 3:10
Best: Carol Danvers stands up | 3:55
Worst: Unclear stakes | 4:39


Written by Kádas István

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