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3 Best And 3 Worst Things In Aquaman

Avatar Kádas István | január 15, 2019

Critics and audiences agree that Aquaman feels like a breath of fresh air after drowning in DC’s murkier efforts. It’s a light, funny adventure film anchored by two charming leads and buoyed by eye-popping visuals. But a vessel this large can only turn its rudder so fast, and it’s bound to have a few barnacles still clinging to its hull.

Prepare for spoilers, and continue full speed ahead to the three best and three worst things about Aquaman.

Worst: The villain balance | 0:24
Best: The cast | 0:53
Worst: Inconsistency with the DCEU | 1:46
Best: Independence from the DCEU | 2:45
Worst: It’s very silly | 3:36
Best: It’s very silly! | 3:55


Written by Kádas István

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